Where do sessions take place?
Just about where ever you want! My goal is to photograph you in a comfortable environment. Many clients choose to hold their session at my studio, and or a carefully selected location.
Why invest in custom photography?
It's all about the experience created just for you, no assembly line here. I value each client individually every experience is created to your individual needs from the pre-session conversation, to the shooting the day of your shoot, and the custom retouching of each individual image after your session. Every decision is made with you in mind.
Why do digital files cost so much?
High-resolution digital images hold the highest value and offer the most versatile. Digital images include a print release that allows you the freedom of getting your images printed wherever you choose now and in the future. High-resolution files allows you access to your images without needing return to me for additional prints or products, unless you want to of course. Thus the high-resolution digital files are priced accordingly to their value.
How much can I expect to spend?
This is completely up to you, most clients spends between $200 to $900 after session fees.
What should we wear?
Session are about you, wear what you’re most comfortable in… Let your style shine! Feel free to check out my pintrest board for inspiration, http://pinterest.com/actphotomedia. I will also make recommendations during pre-consultation.
Do I have to a pay a deposit, if so how much?
Yes! 50% of the session fee due at time of booking in order to secure your date & time. The remainder fees are due no later than one weeks prior to your session or will be subject to cancellation. Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted. Once the session fee is paid, your date will be secured and no other client will be able to book for that time. Please note session fees are non-refundable, and session fees are valid for no more than 3 months after the original booked date. Any session fees that have not been redeemed after 3 months are no longer valid.
What if I'm running late to my session?
Please arrive on time to your session dressed and ready to have fun! Late arrivals reduces the time we spend capturing great moments. Note: Arriving more than 20 minutes late your session will be subject to cancellation and you will forfeiture of your session fee.
How do you handle inclement weather?
If your session is scheduled for a specific location we will reschedule to the next available date. Note your session can also take place in studio or a predetermined indoor location.
What if I need to cancel or postpone my session?
If you need reschedule your session please let inform me as soon as possible within 48 hours of your session. If your session is rescheduled more than two times, your session is subject to cancellation and will result in a forfeiture of your session fee. Note: This is applies to non-weather related, and non-emergency situations.
Are the images copyrighted?
Yes all images are copyrighted by ACT PhotoMedia including digital files, prints, and screenshots of proofs. All images provided by ACT PhotoMedia may not be reproduced by any means without photographer consent. *Copyright infringement is punishable by law.